Home and School Association

The Home and School Association is a community of parents and caregivers who dedicate themselves to serving the school by hosting events and organizing volunteer committees that assist the school in various ways. It is led by a volunteer board of parents, caregivers and St. Mary Academy staff.

Our goals and objectives are:

  • To support the mission, goals and objectives of the school
  • To encourage active participation of parents in the SMA community through developing events that enhance the overall experience of students
  • To create a strong and caring SMA family through our events that encourage long lasting friendships
  • To bring Cultural Enrichment opportunities to Saint Mary Academy

The Home and School Association is a volunteer-run organization. To get involved, check out our volunteer page or email [email protected]. Your commitment can be as much or as little as you have time for- any help is much appreciated.

Executive Board

  • President: Krystal Moore
  • Vice President: Ashley Murphy
  • Secretary: Ashley Anwiler
  • Treasurer: Diana Pixley-Fletcher

Committee Chairs

  • Restaurant Fundraisers: Ryanne Bianchi
  • Cultural Enrichment: Beth Shartner
  • Classroom Parents: Danna Fortier
  • Ice Cream Fridays: Ryanne Bianchi
  • Hospitality: Joyce Parent
  • Events & Volunteers: Ashley Murphy

The Home and School Association hosts and organizes volunteers for many events throughout the year. Some typical HSA events include:

  • Grandparents Breakfast     
  • Family Fun Nights (Bingo, Skating, etc.)                       
  • Halloween Party
  • Catholic Schools Week Events
  • Kids Christmas Shop 
  • Bingo Night        
  • Daddy-Daughter Dance  &  Mother-Son Event                              
  • Staff Appreciation Events
  • Open Houses and Coffee Hours                   

The various HSA Committees support the school through fundraising and other programs, such as:

  • Weekly Ice Cream Sales
  • Monthly Restaurant Nights
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Staff Birthday Treats
  • Classroom & Mentor Parents

Please consider joining the HSA to help plan and implement great events for our students!