Thank you for all your hard work and dedication during our time of remote learning. You’re dedication and love for our daughter does not go unnoticed. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to lead us through these uncertain times. We are all in this together and from the bottom of our hearts…. we appreciate you and we thank you.

The Copp’s

Thank you for all you have been doing to make remote learning work!!  Your efforts to keep our kids connected, motivated, and still learning have been wonderful.  Now, even more so than ever, we are grateful our kids have teachers like you and such a great school community!

The Jeanneau’s

You are and always will be like family to the Wades. Every dedicated effort, slice of humor, and generous grace that you have extended toward the SMA children over the last few weeks has not gone unnoticed. Oftentimes, people think that angels are untouchables- cherubic-like creatures found only in the Bible and on church ceilings. But we have seen them alive and at work inside 222 Central Avenue for years and never before have they spread their wings of love to shield the children from angst and confusion as they have in the last several weeks. May you always know how deeply you are cherished, how embraced you are in our prayers, and how grateful we are for the example you set to the children. Love and gratitude to you all!

The Wade Family

We just wanted to thank all of the teachers and staff at SMA for adapting so wonderfully to this situation. You were on top of things from the beginning. It makes it so much easier on us as parents to know our children’s education is in good hands. We will see you soon!

-The Richards Family

We want to express our appreciation for your excellent work caring for Owen Perra. The difference you’re making in our lives is immeasurable. Over the last four years, you helped Owen grow in numerous ways that will shape him into the high schooler and adult he will become.  Thank you for everything you have done. We are truly so blessed to have a community in SMA.

Tricia & Tony Perra